Rebecca S –

After losing over 40 pounds, it was slowly creeping back until I went to pull on a pair of jeans during 2nd month of quarantine and they were far too tight!

I had gained over 35 pounds in 8 months and I needed to start eating better to drop the weight again but was very much dreading giving up fast foods I’d gotten used to eating almost every day.

I heard about this book while recently coming across one of Adi’s online magazine articles and started reading the post where it was recommended.

What made me buy this book was not only because I needed to drop weight again, but also because I was interested in boosting my immune system and I am very interested in anything that helps prolong life-span.
This book does not promise a “30 lbs in 30 days” weight loss, rather shows you how to lose belly fat without starvation and keep it off for good thru lifestyle modifications that are easy to follow and stick to day-to-day.

I am down 19 pounds by eating real food, occasionally a processed food, and looking forward to a healthier weight. My blood pressure has also been steadily declining by several points and my mood is very bright and optimistic day to day. The book is easy to read and very content filled and insightful in a way that helps you change the way you think about food and the whole process of losing weight.

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