Amit –

This book is transformational, for me at least. Like most people who buy health books I have read a lot of stuff on healthy eating etc and have changed my eating to higher fat, lower carb natural foods. Only foods my grandmother would recognize. I was already aware that Type 2 diabetes is a result of insulin resistance which itself is a result of bad eating habits and in particular eating high carb.

But what I did not know is that insulin resistance is the trigger of heart disease & is strongly implicated in all the other common diseases, even aging. And that you can reverse your risk of dying from these simply, quickly and enjoyably. And I didn’t know much about the details like what exactly are HDL & LDL cholesterol and what is insulin and what it does to your body both good and bad.

This book has changed all that for me. It presents the science behind this in a way that meets the needs of even skeptics like me. Simply and in enough detail to give an understanding of how all this incredibly complicated biochemistry works without making your eyes glaze over.

Can’t recommend this book highly enough to change the shape of your body and extend your lifespan. It may very well save your life!

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