Adi Crnalic is a certified personal trainer, a nutrition and wellness researcher, and a natural (drug-free) bodybuilder. He passionately believes that the root causes of all modern diseases and illnesses can be reversed and remedied by adequate, whole-food nutrition and supplementation and by the elimination of most man-made processed foods and environments. He believes that preventative nutrition and an active lifestyle are the keys to life-long good health, happiness, and vitality.

As a young kid and teen, Adi struggled with being both underweight and overweight within a span of a few years. After kicking an insatiable sweet tooth, Adi began his transformation journey by signing up for a weight-training class in high school.

From there, he began competitive bodybuilding at age eighteen, taking second place in the teenage division at his first show and going on to compete in multiple drug-tested shows across the United States with top three placings in every showing to date. Since 2008, his information has been published in numerous national and global health & fitness publications.

He is the creator of several top-selling fitness & weight-loss e-courses, eBooks, and other fitness and health information products, helping thousands of people to shed pounds and inches, build lean muscle, and attain their best bodies and health. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, traveling, swimming, reading, studying philosophy, collecting precious metals, playing sports, and hiking.